Do abortions affect later pregnancies?

Do abortions affect later pregnancies?

Do abortions affect later pregnancies?


I had a termination at 17, I didn't get pregnant for another 2 and a half years, even though I'd been having unprotected sex (stupid, obviously but looking back I was grieving for the baby I'd terminated), I thought I couldn't have any kids due to the fact I'd had a termination, obviously I could, I've since had two girls and I'm currently pregnant with twins! I think a miscarriage is absolutely nothing to do with the terminations you've had, it's just that psychologically your blaming yourself, talk to someone who can help, maybe a counsellor or your doctor! Take Care!


no, I had an abortion 2 years ago multiple doctors had told me i wouldn't be able to get pregnant so my b/f and i didn't use any type of protection and i got pregnant and i was so not ready!!! after wards i was sad because what if i couldn't get pregnant again so i talk to my doctor and found that even though my chances in the beginning were not that high that the abortion wouldn't lower my chances. and now i am pregnant with no complications thus far at 7wks. I've read that after a m/c you can start to try again after one month, if you and your b/f want to try again Also talk with your doctor to see if there is anything he/she thinks would help you conceive or have a non complicated pregnancy Best Wishes


Previous abortions do somewhat raise the risk of second trimester miscarriages related to cervical function. Google "incompetent cervix" for further info on that, but I don't believe there's any increased risk with first trimester miscariage. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I wouldn't think it related to the earlier abortions.


No, it is not related at all. Sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Remember that 1 in 5 pregancies will miscarry - it was nothing to do with your previous abortion.


It is highly unlikely to be related. You might consider getting a second opinion, but I say just keep trying! When it is time, it will happen for ya. Good luck :) @


it can affect ur chances of havin a kid yes.coz when there doin the procedure the baby is so tiny they cant find it and they poke around damagin organs. the same thing happened my aunte but she adventually gave birth.. dont beat urself up over it. im sure its hard enough to deal wirh



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