DIY abortion advise...?

DIY abortion advise...?

DIY abortion advise...?


If she wants the abortion that bad go to a different state, doing it your self can kill her, or cause the baby to have defects when it comes out if the diy doesn't work. Both you and her can go to jail if caught as well. To keep your girl safe, either go out of the state, or have the baby put it up for adoption, or have the baby


Do not try it yourself. That is SERIOUSLY dangerous and completely illegal. Have the baby, put it up for adoption. I believe in abortion and where I live it is legal but is it worth the consequeses and life of pain that your girlfriend could experience? I don't think so. I urge you to thoroughly think this through. You could end up in serious trouble with the law! So please. Think about adoptions or other options for this baby before going to this extent.



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What is the latest abortion news I'm hearing?
They want to ban partial birth abortions where the baby is partially delivered, and when the head comes out they crush the skull. They haven't said when the law will go into effect they are just hearing the case now. Hope that helped.

Abortion laws?
Usually in the first trimester, and never after the second trimester. You can't have an abortion in the third trimester, even if your life is in danger. You should have the procedure as soon as possible to avoid complications. Contact Planned Parenthood for reliable information. A lot of religious...

Can first time abortion results endometriosis?
No, endometriosis is outside the uterine walls. Endometriosis is way different from female problems, it means the female has over flowed from period out into the body causing clotting attaching onto other parts of your inner organs. As someone misdiagnosed for many years, I never had the...

Getting an abortion in an hour? so.scared?
Yes, they give you something to relax you. It's not a big deal. The videos make it a lot more scary. I'm surprised though that they are not giving you the abortion pill, which is a lot less to deal with. Anyway, abortion when it's legal is among the safest medical procedures. You'll be fine...

Is abortion ,a sin.?
My opinnon on abortion is i am 100% women's choice. Which means(just in case you don't know) that if the lady wants an abortion it should be completely her choice. If they take away that privelege because of what president Bush wants chaos will occur. Lets say you get rapped and you don't have...