Dilation and curettage? is this the safest way of abortion?

Dilation and curettage? is this the safest way of abortion?

Dilation and curettage? is this the safest way of abortion?


Suction is done for early abortions from 4 to 12 weeks, this is because it is less invasive (as in they do not scape the inside of the uterus) The cervix is also only dilated enough to get the small suction tube through. Dilation and curette is done from 12 weeks onwards as the baby is too large to be suctioned out. Thus the lining and baby are curetted out. The cervix is dilated much more in this instance. In terms of risk of future fertility, the risk is due to the possibility of getting an infection and if the infection were serious enough and get into the tubes it could cause damage, but this is VERY rare. In the D&C method along with the VERY small risk of infection the bigger risk is that if you have multiple D&C's due to abortion or missed miscarriage, the constant forced dilation can cause the cervix to be weaker, so there is an increased risk of an incompetent cervix. But again this is a very small risk and normally only associated with multiple D&C's and of course some women are pre-disposed to an incompetent cervix anyway. So in terms of safety for the Mother both are safe, with very few risks but in terms of possible concerns later the suction method is the prefered. But as I said after a certain no of weeks the option of having suction is not possible anyway. Take care.


Here are complete descriptions: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-...


as far as i knew they were both the same process one just sounds nicer



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