Different types of abortions?

Different types of abortions?

Different types of abortions?


partial birth abortion is where they pull the baby out all the way except for the head then they stick scissors in the base of the neck to make a hole. Then they suck out the brains and pull it out the rest of the way. So it real doesn't make sense to allow this for the mothers health when it would take just as long to pull the baby out the rest of the way. Get on utube and watch the "hard truth". Its sad!


In my state it's 25 weeks as well. But that really doeasn't matter does it. That baby is a baby from the minute it was conceived. I think that 12 weeks is a good cut off limit as well. Good luck on that. But as far as abortion is concerned. It's murder no matter what way it's said. I've always felt that and always will. Except for the fact if the girl was raped. Other than that I feel if you can have the sex then you should care for that baby. That baby never asked to be killed. Sorry voicing my opinion on the matter


You can find information on the different types of aborting and when they are done here http://www.americanpregnancy.org/unplann...


just google



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