Did Madonna have an abortion?

Did Madonna have an abortion?

Did Madonna have an abortion?


Madonna admits she has had "several" abortions. The number 11 was deduced from a woman who wrote an unauthorized book about her. During her dance years it is known she was pregnant by Jelly Bean Benitez who helped get her demo tapes played in dance clubs. Rumor has it she got pregnant by Jean-MIchel Basquiat but that sounds more like a legend since he OD'd on heroin at age 27 in 1988 and can't dispute the story. I personally know a woman from the period of time who had 10 abortions before she got married. In the 1980's there were no "morning after" drugs, and very limited types of birth control pills. Nothing like the things that are available today. Promiscuous girls who did not have a handy drugstore often practiced very high risk sex pre-AIDS.


She says that she has, but I would never believe a celebrity anyway. Personally I think she IS an abortion.


Don/t pry into things that is none of our business.


Pity her mother didn't.



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