Did anyone else click on the abortion photos in the question about pro-choice?

Did anyone else click on the abortion photos in the question about pro-choice?

Did anyone else click on the abortion photos in the question about pro-choice?


I'm not sure what pictures you are talking about.But, I feel people should "see" what abortion is really like.Besides, sometimes earlier abortions result in that type of occurrence anyway.All people should be shown an actual abortion,Via video or whatever before the abortion is performed.Maybe then they would really identify w/what they are about to do.I know people who realized after it was much different than they thought.They were "counseled" before and everything.Many people who abort have nightmares,sometimes for life regardless.It's not the photos that's the problem, it's the decision.


I agree that those pictures are horrifying and I wouldn't display them, even though I'm pro-life. Then again, there are people dying in poverty around the world, and if I'd met them, I'd want their stories told - in writing, pictures, whatever it took! So I guess someone who feels so strongly about abortion feels the same way, but about a different issue. I understand both sides.


It may be explicit, but I can tell you this, it is no less horrible at any stage of pregnancy. Maybe if some people actually had nightmares, they would not go ahead and abort. If our Pres. has his way, he is going to sign the partial birth abortion back into legality. If they are not really babies, why would it bother you to see them?


Those were NOT partial birth abortions, which are NOT illegal. Those fetuses appeared 12-16 weeks old. THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. That is the brutality and butchery that pro-choicers so fervently support.


because if Obama has his way there will be no restrictions on abortion and partial birth abortion will be a reality!


I thought they overturned that? Perhaps I am behind the times. Shame on me.


Hurrah for shock value. As though no one can see through the ploy.


yeah no kidding huh i thought that when i was answering it because those were definitly illegal abortions


Honey, you are way misinformed. And, really, you didn't even call it 'murder' or 'reprehensible' or anything that shows you care for those poor tortured babies.



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