Deadline for abortion in FLORIDA?

Deadline for abortion in FLORIDA?

Deadline for abortion in FLORIDA?


what do you mean deadline? are you talking about if it becomes illegal? its legal, as far as i know or how long befor you cant get one? i believe its about 4 months. it gets harder to accomplish the longer you wait


plannedparenthood says within 3 months


It looks like 24 weeks, by the pages I've found here. Don't worry about what other people are saying, the point is, you know your choices and have picked one :)


If you are thinking about getting an abortion, i would think strongly against it. I don't understand why someone would want to kill a baby. : (


3 months if I am not mistaken.


Call planned parenthood in your area, they will know more than people on here.


Contact planned parenthood. They should tell you. hope you have a damned good reason.


oh didnt you know? its legal whenever now with obama as president. ^that was sarcasm peoplee.. i dont like obama look up your state laws, google it or go to the clinic idk though im not a fan of abortion


i thought it was 24 weeks country wide. it shoudlnt be though.



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