Cultures: How do you feel about abortion?

Cultures: How do you feel about abortion?

Cultures: How do you feel about abortion?


Adoption only works once it's out of the womb, that still leaves the rest of the pregnancy AND labor for the baby to wreak havoc with hormones, or cost a fortune that the mother can't afford, or even to continue developing some horrible disorder. Not to mention labor itself, where it can severely harm or even kill the mother. Also, there's quite a few problems with adoption. Such as, children who have issues are rarely adopted. Everyone wants a cute baby, not one with FAS, or drug dependency, or severe autism. Children who have such issues tend to stay in the system until they age out (if they can ever be fully independent.) As far as late term abortions, they aren't legal in many places outside of medical emergency. Either the baby is harming the mother, the baby is unlikely to live after birth, or the baby is already dead. And legally, it isn't murder. Abortion isn't illegal, thus it isn't murder. A fetus isn't legally considered human. It is not murder. And really, I don't see how it's that much different than a person choosing to take a loved one off of life support when a doctor suggests it. There are bigger things to consider than life as a single topic. Such as quality of life. In the case of the fetus, there are also things such as money, time, and emotional stability.




Everybody is different, but for me I'm not for it or against it. People should be able to do what they want (morally) without the consent of others breather down there neck judging them. Every circumstance is different in an abortion, everyone needs to take that into considering before anything happens.


I am against it, and I think it is wrong. But I think that the option needs to be there, because it is proven that women will do it anyways. And they often end up killing themselves in the process. It's better to have women go to a doctor and do it, than to do it themselves or some back-ally doctor and risk their health and their lives. It makes me sad when I know it is happening...


It depends if someone wants to abort his baby because she got raped or something, then I see no problem with it. Otherwise I would think that's unfair...


To me, depends on the situation. I am more likely to lean for prochoice. However, each person has their own reason so I will NEVER judge someone for their system of beliefs or infringe upon their rights to believe it, if you wouldn't want someone to talk down upon what you believe morally and religiously you should leave them be :)


I'm against it.


They should sell their unwanted babies to Africans as "AIDS cures."



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The abortion debate is simple. There are two sides to it.. Pro Choice and Pro Life. Pro Choice believers are those that like you believe the woman has the choice of whether to have a baby or not. If she is too young or isn't ready, she believes terminating the pregnancy is the best choice...

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There isn'-t any natural way to finish this. Either your body takes care of it or you will have to have a D&C. A D&C isn'-t anything to be afraid of. It'-s not healthy to have that dead tissue inside you for very long. It can cause a serious infection.