Cramping after abortion 2 months ago?

Cramping after abortion 2 months ago?

Cramping after abortion 2 months ago?


Okay, firstof all abortion are risky no matter the reason. Yours just happened to have to be done for other reasons and thats okay, but you need to seriously ask someone of professional medical advice. Go to your doctor as soon as possible for a check up! Seriously, i strongly urge that you go. I don't want to scare you but I know that this isn't right there are lots of things that could be the side affect to that but, I'm not in a position to say b/c I don't really know whats wrong. Please talk to your doctor as soon as you can!!! I don't know how to stress that Good Luck i wish you well!


I believe if you just had an abortion you shouldn't be having sex trying to conceive another.


congratulations on your abortion!


I feel no sympathy...ESPECIALLY if you think you're pregnant again!



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