Costs and limitations of RU-486 (abortion pill) in the California?

Costs and limitations of RU-486 (abortion pill) in the California?

Costs and limitations of RU-486 (abortion pill) in the California?


I don't think insurance pays for the pills. Your best bet honestly is to give the baby a chance.. Put him/her up for adoption when she is born to a couple who can't have children. It will bring them a great joy! There is closed adoption and open adoption. Closed you don't see the parents and open you get to see the parents and the baby before and after the baby is born. They send you pictures and let be a part of the baby's life! I watched a movie in my child development class. It was a tear jerkier. She wanted to kill the baby. All babies have a heart beat!!!! They are living!!! But I or no one else can tell you differently!


insurance is not going to pay for you to kill a baby. why isn't adoption an option? and if you want to pretend to be an adult, talk to your parents about it. they deserve to know. otherwise you're just playing the 10 year old kid who's hiding the truth from them.



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i think its a very big decision to make when you are a teenager. Personally teen pregnancy's are dangerous ( especially if you are under 18, don't try and tell me its not i have MANY teen friend & relatives that have had High risked pregnancy's due to their age ). Being raped is horrible (...

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Depending on if you use the abortion pill or need the procedure done. The pill is less expensive, but each option can cost anywhere from $100-$600, which sounds pricey but is a lot cheaper than having a kid. Planned Parenthood will usually let you make payments, if you have one near you I suggest...

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They should return to normal within a month. No, birth control would not help because birth control does not contain or alter the pregnancy hormone hcg, only progestin and/or estrogen. Good luck, hope I helped.

Let me thus rephrase this about abortion: Some of you missed the exactness of the question:
Abortion is not defined as murder. An embryo or a fetus is a potentially living being, but it is not capable of living on its own. You cannot murder something that isn't technically alive yet. You obviously hold the believe that abortion IS murder, and that is your prerogative. But we aren't...

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Congratulation you you have been blessed to have the privilege to have another life inside of you.please if need help call these charity organization to get all the facts and get help to choose the best alternatives. its free of charge. The Nurturing Network 1-800-TNN-4MOM Pregnancy Hotline...