Correction i need to know how effective the abortion pill is?

Correction i need to know how effective the abortion pill is?

Correction i need to know how effective the abortion pill is?


Uhm. Plan B is only effective 3 days after you've had sex. Which you are way passed so it will not work. Taking birth control pills will also NOT help terminate pregnancy. You either have an abortion by going to a doctor or stay healthy and deliver your child.


its effective in destroying your womb! of that im sure!/// dont be silly, if you ever want to end a pregnancy do it the right way - surgery at a clinic, not through some dodgy pills. By the way, there's no abortion pill, its called medical abortion, they give you pills to take at the hospital if you dont want to go through the surgical abortion. For your own sakes, have the baby, if you re adamant, go through the proper way... dont say no one warned you! and pls keep your legs closed or use birth control pills!!


There is no such thing. If your talking about Plan B you are too late.



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