Conservatives, do you consider yourselves more Libertarian in your beliefs, or are you purely Conservative?

Conservatives, do you consider yourselves more Libertarian in your beliefs, or are you purely Conservative?

Conservatives, do you consider yourselves more Libertarian in your beliefs, or are you purely Conservative?


Depends on the conservative. Libertarian-conservative and neoconservative are two very different ideologies. The GOP is dominated by neoconservatives, which are far from libertarian, considering a lot of the GOP is obsessed with regulating the consenting individual. Treating homosexuality, smoking marijuana, and atheism like they're crimes, is NOT libertarian nor is it freedom-loving. Libertarians don't have much power in office right now, though it does seem to be changing. Ron Paul hasn't had much influence within the overall GOP, and the general party has done what they can to silence him. But younger republicans seem to be more libertarian-republican than neoconservative. So I guess it also depends on which age group you're asking.


Not really sure If its about war im definantly Rep. If its about gays in the military and women in combat definantly Rep. Now if gays wanna get marries shii if they wanna be miserable like married couples then by any means but dont touch my guns weed should be legal the Constitution was written in hemp paper taxes ever heard of the The Boston Tea Party raise rates at 500k tax breaks to companies who expand in America hmmm


Fiscally conservative. libertarian on some other issues.


Of course they aren't libertarian. Libertarians don't believe in government intervention. Conservatives love government intervention. They want the government to regulate who you marry, what you do with your body, what you ingest in your body..... These are just a few off the top of my head.


I don't know why people are hating on your question. As a kneejerk reaction I am conservative but an independent thinker


Libertarian. When it comes to economics I am right wing all day long. Social policy I tend to be liberal.


I'm more libertarian.


pure conservative vote republican


Dum question lately???



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