Confidential abortion?

Confidential abortion?

Confidential abortion?


I's best to check with a few reputable clinics. To find a reputable clinic, go the website for the National Abortion Federation at They have a list of accredited clinics and they also have information about parental consent laws in your state. Good luck.


You don't need a parent's consent to have an abortion. The website below says that in NJ you don't need consent.


Call planned parenthood. But please, really check out whatever clinic you use. Several clinics in NJ were shut down last year for being unsterile and using unsafe medical pratices (the one in ACY and I think Mercer county.) You can also check the phone book for OB/GYNs and call one that does abortions and ask.


You need to contact the local clinic or planned parenthood. Most states require your parents consent, but if you feel you would not be able to get that, the clinic can help you legally go around that. Feel free to talk to me on yahoo messenger if you want somebody who can be non judgemental to talk to about it.


Yes. Go to a local women's clinic, like Planned Parenthood. The cost varies on your financial situation.


No, you will need a parent with you and they cost anywhere from $600-$900 if done in a qualified place. Good luck!



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