Coming soon to Washington D.C. Are you in favor of this?

Coming soon to Washington D.C. Are you in favor of this?

Coming soon to Washington D.C. Are you in favor of this?


Avoiding abortions, risky or safe, is not at all difficult in this day and age. If women want a choice, be responsible and choose when you get pregnant, instead of killing people you find inconvenient. Hope that helps.


The GOP doesn't give a sh*t about women. All they care about is making the rich and the christianity fundys happy.


They should abort it only when the fetus signs a consent form.


Jesus wouldn't want ANY abortion and allah doesn't exist.


Yes i support it abortion is murder even if i dont care im pro life to piss off the atheist c*nts


ideally, it would be: "don't be a whore. only **** with protection, except in grey-area incest/rapes" your fault. but i see your point.


Pay for your own mistakes.



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Methotrexate doses women have received for abortion? ?
No answers, that because you need to ask a question.

Would aborting a pregnancy cost money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
Yes, of course it costs money, as does any medical procedure, unless you have insurance that covers it. However ,it costs a lot less than having a baby. Anti-abortion people will tell you there are physical side effects that last forever but that's not true. Abortion is one of the safest medical...

Republicans in AZ claim that 'illegal immigration is out of control' so how is an intrusive abortion bill going to help curb that problem?
Obviously abortion has nothing to do with immigration. Conservative lawmakers use this tactic all the time. They tried to use DHS funding to shut down Obama's executive action on immigration. Why do conservatives do this? Because they know they'd lose on an up-and-down vote. Why would they...

Best abortion method?
At your stage of pregnancy they can give you medication that will cause the abortion. If you wait, you will have to have the suction method. If you are certain this is what you have to do, then there are no cons. Just be sure you know that this is your only choice. best wishes..

Why is Sean Hannity so paranoid about Liberals?
lol I love your avatar.. Hannity is a dolt who is brainwashed in his own thinking and supported by his own words which he takes as fact. In the mind of Hannity, he is the end all know all to all things - people like him love simple answers to complex problems. Liberals are a simple answer to...