Christian beliefs on abortion?

Christian beliefs on abortion?

Christian beliefs on abortion?


The whole question is complicated, but I don't think it's a Christian/non Christian issue. On the one hand, one school of though says that a fetus is human. A 'baby'. I'm conflicted on that. Part of me says the fetus is not a baby until it can survive outside the womb. But as little as 20 years ago, my son (born at 28 weeks) would not have survived, so do we have the right to decide who is human based on medical advances? Even if we admit the humanity of the fetus, most people will use the argument that exceptions exist. Rape and incest, danger to the mother. But if the baby IS a baby, how can we justify aborting it, not matter the circumstances ? If the child of rape any less a child deserving of life? Would we kill a 6 yr old if somehow that would save her mother? Of course not. So how do we use that as an excuse for abortion? All that said, I fully understand and support the right for the woman to control her body. As i say, it is complicated, and I think atheists are just as conflicted as the religious.


Yes, I believe in abortion for that purpose. I also believe that a good God does not want people to suffer, if a Mother absolutely can not raise the child, and if there is absolutely no other family member that can or will and the Mother is too young to raise a child...then perhaps abortion is the answer. I disagree with those Mothers that have one after another, not only because they then know that they're taking a life,but they also become scarred and can no longer have babies in the future. I also agree if there is a single Mother with already a house full of kids, no husband and no father helping to raise any then abortion would be the choice. Males have to learn to stand up and be responsible for their actions. You get a girl pregnant you help her out, not run away. The heartaches and tribulations that Mother would have to go through is not God's desires at all.


Many Christians believe that abortion is wrong, because of their belief that the act of abortion is murdering an unborn baby. While people argue the point of conception and the viability of a fetus, there is no doubt that the Bible does condemn the taking of another person’s life. Thus, the question of whether or not abortion is wrong depends on whether or not you believe aborting a fetus is murder. Whereas you have mentioned about painful death I dont really have anything to say on that as im not sure.


Abortion is murder but there are three cases that are very rare, especially with modern medicine, when it should be allowed: the life of the mother, rape, or incest. Now if the lady wants to have the baby no matter what, that is her decision but if she does not want the child of rape or incest, then that is self-defense because she could kill the rapist or the person committing incest. Therefore she has the right to kill his seed. They say that these cases are less than one half of one percent of all abortions in the USA. Christians are divided on this issue as some say no abortion no matter what. I think that abortion should be permitted to save the life of the mother, but medical advances have improved so much that that scenario is rarer than ever.


Well in the bible it says that we have no right to kill God's creations, so to Christians abortion is wrong because there are other choices like adoption etc, but i'm not sure about your surcumstance, but the logical answer would be kill the baby other whys two people would die rather than one :)


Obviously if it was beyond the wit of medical science to save a child and mother from a hideous death, then we would have to look at alternatives. But most abortions, and I mean the hundreds and thousands of them, do not fall into this category.


Abortion is in my opinion and in most Christians (at least Catholics) that abortion is the same as murder. The child is as much human as you and i, but is just not big enough to talk up to himself. Even if the parents are drug users or other things the child doesnt deserve to die because of them. Every child are a creation of god and most never be killed because it is against gods will, as he reveals in the bible.


most christians are OK with it on the inside!!! Most would do it if they had gotten preggers with a guy they didn't want to be with. I know at least 4 gals that had one night stands and got an abortion. Common with Christians even though they would have you believe different


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