Chelsea Handler's comments on abortion!!!?

Chelsea Handler's comments on abortion!!!?

Chelsea Handler's comments on abortion!!!?


I also understand, I was a young mom. I was 16 when I got pregnant with my daughter and had a Very close friend, well I happened to bump into her one day on a walk, and she didnt look well. She says to me Oh wow your pregnant, you look amazing and rubbed my belly ( I was 6 months) at that time, I asked her what happened to her she looked drained, she non-chalontly said Oh I just got out of the hospital I had an Abortion yesterday.. My jaw hit the ground, I got tears in my eyes and I lost any and all respect I ever had for her that day. As I stood there staring at her with my hand on my belly thinking OMG how can someone just KILL their baby when there are so many Loving, caring people out there who cannot conceive on their own and would do anything to have a child.... Well today that beautiful baby girl I was carrying is a 22 year old mommy herself to my precious 3 year old grand daughter, and I also had a wonderful son who is now 20. I wouldn't change anything for the world. YES I was young But I loved my babies and did everything in my power I could to have and keep the SAFE!!!!!!!!! My kids are my world...... And to Kalman and Katie I was a 16 year old MOM and I kept, LOVED and provided for my babies both Financially and emotionally, And like I said today my daughter is a beautiful 22 yr old mommy of a 3 year old that she takes amazing care of and provides for Financially, emotionally, and physically..... And I have an amazing 20 yr old son ( was 18 when he was born) Some people being young parents are better than older ones...


I completely understand. I ended an 8 year friendship after a girl I knew made horribly callous remarks about her 2 abortions within a year. She knew how hard my husband and I were (and still are) trying to have a baby. These women who use abortion as birth control are just throwing away a life and it's disgusting.


Handler should have said her right choice was to use birth control, not have sex or kept her child. She is now a baby killer. Hope she rots in hell.


I think she made a legal choice that was right for her. You were not in her shoes at 16 unmarried and uneducated. I don't think she is disgusting. You were not going to raise her child, so don't judge her too much. You wouldn’t appreciate someone calling you disgusting for your legal choices- how about you keep that in mind when you call her disgusting.


Any of millions of sperm and hundreds of eggs could be a person. Why not mourn them all, all of the people that didn't get made, that you would have loved if they were? Each one of those could have had a life, friends, a family of their own... People are experience and feeling and thinking. A mass of cells is not a person.


I'm Pro Choice. So you're already going to know my answer.



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