Chances of second abortion causing infertility?

Chances of second abortion causing infertility?

Chances of second abortion causing infertility?


Except the fact that abortion is taking a life, with abortion you increase the risk of developing breast cancer early in your life. Imagine having a second abortion how mach the risks would be increased. You had an abortion very recently and you should be afraid for infertility too. You should take good protection because getting pregnant is not only the problem but you could end up with a sexual transmitted disease like HIV-AIDS, HEPATITIS , SYPHILIS, HERPES etc. The first two you get them and they never leave your system as you know. The other two you may get rid of them but it is very difficult.


Well, each abortion ups the possibility for a future miscarriage or scarring or infection that would lead to infertility, not to mention the possibility of a serious complication. You just never know if you're going to be that unlucky one. Put it this way, abortion has caused infertility for some women :)



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