Chances of complication during a surgical abortion? Help.?

Chances of complication during a surgical abortion? Help.?

Chances of complication during a surgical abortion? Help.?


Don't worry, you'll wake up. Doctors use general anesthetic often, so it's not a big deal. Here (Canada) the patient is tested to see if they'll have a reaction to the anesthesia, which doesn't happen often. I had a general anaesthetic and it was like nothing. I was asked to count from 10 to 0... I recall making it to 7... Then I woke up and I was fine. Some people freak out a bit after they have woken up, but it's the same reaction that happens if you wake up somewhere strange. The chance of you dying, I'm sure, is quite slim. Take care :) You'll be fine.


People are shipped in and out of operating rooms all day every day and nothing goes wrong. There will be a team of people looking after you. One there specifically to watch over your vital signs which will be monitored constantly. If you really wanted you could look up the stats but the chance is so small that it's not worth worrying about. It really is just about luck, fate etc, like crossing a street. You are young and healthy, if it was risky they would have told you to reconsider. Think of operations like heart bypasses, lung transplants, and the gastric band surgery they do on extremely unhealthy, obese, verge-of-death people, brain surgery for 10 hours... (that they also do every day) and they still make it through, despite how intense those operations are, and how weak the patients are. I would safely bet a lot that nothing will happen to you. :)


please find another way of taking care of this. There are people all around the world who cannot get pregnant and would love to raise your baby. It will be something you are sorry about for the rest of your life. Don't do it. You're taking a life and the baby does not deserve to be taken away because of your mistake let it be a blessing for someone else. Please consider


My cuz had one and now she cant have kids any more she had a bad infection they left parts of her baby in her when they cut it up to take it out.adoption is alot better cuz when you want a fam you might not beable to have one



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