Chances of being pregnant, would he go to jail, could i get an abortion without my parents knowing?

Chances of being pregnant, would he go to jail, could i get an abortion without my parents knowing?

Chances of being pregnant, would he go to jail, could i get an abortion without my parents knowing?


Not sure if he could go to jail. It's possible if your parents press charges. Since you are so young you would need your parents to get an abortion or the abortion pill. I do have to say this though, when I was 14 sex was the furthest thing from my mind. What is a 14 year old doing having sex and especially with a 17 year now 18 year old. And what parent would let their 14 year old have that much freedom to be able to get themselves in to these situations. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Teens and especially one's your age do not need to be having sex. I lost my virginity when I was 17 but I knew I wanted to be with the person forever and marry them one day. And that I did, we're now married with 2 children. Sex is not a toy, it's like fire. When you play with fire you are likely to get burned.


The answer is, it all depends on your state. I know however MOST states, he WILL go to jail for statutory rape only if your parents press charges. And sorry, but I can't help this one, is a child's life not worth keeping? If he loves you, and TRULY loves you and the baby, jail will bother him, but killing that baby if you are pregnant would hurt him more. You have no idea what abortion does to you, and before you can get an abortion, you HAVE to have parents consent before the age of 16 AND you have to have an sonogram and hear the babies heartbeat.


1st off only if ur parents pressed charges 2nd wow why would u choose a man over ur child. That's low. Third maybe u should get on birth control so things like this don't happen I mean let's be real ur not goin to stop having sex cause we say ur young so atleast do that much


It depends on if your parents press charges or not. Why don't you just get on birth control? You can get it at the free clinic. You can get an abortion, I believe, without them knowing. That's the way it is where I live, anyway.


It depends on your parents. And no you cant get an abortion without them knowing, as you are 15.


He could go to jail, but since you had a relationship before his birthday, I doubt the police would be interested unless your parents insisted on him being arrested.


No, he couldn't go to jail unless you didn't want to have *** with him. You need to tell your parents, abortions are something that you nerd to talk to a doctor about.


yes/maybe and no you need parents consent goodluck... use the morning after pill if you had unprotected sex within the past 3 days


Im pretty sure he would go to jail if your parents decide to press charges.



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