Catholic and "abortion" of ectopic pregnancy?

Catholic and "abortion" of ectopic pregnancy?

Catholic and "abortion" of ectopic pregnancy?


From what I understand, an ectopic pregnancy pretty much means that the mother will die if the baby is not removed. In that case, there is nothing considered wrong with it according to the Catholic Church. It is not considered the ending of the life of a baby, but rather the saving of yours. Losing the child is an unfortunate consequence. Even were it considered wrong, it would not prevent you from completing the process of joining the Church. It would be good for you to talk about it with a deacon, but I would recommend a priest. They have training in counseling people. A deacon doesn't necessarily. Also - as a psychologist myself, I recommend that you see someone about this, if just for a couple of sessions. It sounds like you might be going through a small bout of depression - what is unofficially called "post abortion syndrome". It's not technically an official issue(nor was it technically an abortion), but it does warrant talking to someone about it. The priest may be able to handle it, but that is not a given.


Catholics are against procedures that terminate life, but are also against people dying unnecessarily. The procedure was a medical necessity, there shouldnt be any guilt involved and is completely understandable. Hopefully a good spiritual leader (like a deacon) can help you work through that trauma and get over the depression you are feeling. If not, seek medical help. It sounds like you may have mild depression.


the fetus couldn't have survived full term with a tubal pregnancy. I understand how you feel. when something like this happens we often question ourselves and carry guilt, thinking that something could have been done. spiritually, i feel that i've come to terms and believe that someday God will help me understand. Somethings i believe are beyond our control. all the tears that i've cried i believe that God has stored up and will someday show me what he did with them. he will do the same for you.


It is my opinion that in "your situation" you should be able to seek spiritual guidance from anyone in the church. If there is a problem, maybe that is not the church for you.


I would say it was a matter of your life and practicality . The baby would never live anyway and it could have had sever consequences for you to continue . Tell the Catholics to go molest a choirboy or something and live your life the way you see as right . What others think is nothing what you believe is you and don't try to force YOUR values on others that is nothing more than sick bigotry .


My sincerest condolences on death of your child. Here's info on the Church and ectopic pregnancy:


Definitely mention it in order to get a good understanding of Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life. Please also read Humane Vitae by Pope Paul VI.


You can discuss anything with a priest - I serious doubt he hasn't heard this sort of event before...there is nothing you cannot tell a priest, and it will be held in the strictest of confidence...


You can be pro-life and still have an abortion. Hell, I agree with Roe v Wade and I still call myself pro-life. I'm all for life! But honey, that fetus was not yet a life. It just doesn't begin at conception. What constitutes life, anyway? Two sex cells merged? What kind of definition of that? Just remember that you're not to blame.



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