Can you tell me a brief history of abortion?

Can you tell me a brief history of abortion?

Can you tell me a brief history of abortion?


As another user mentioned, abortion has been used as a means of handling unwanted pregnancies forever and thus a brief history would not be possible. A modern history, however, can be summed up quite quickly. Some people thought other people (e.g., blacks) are dirty and stupid and don't contribute to humanity, so the only solution, that first group of people concluded, is to kill them. This idea is called "eugenics," and it basically holds that the population should be controlled and undesirable traits and features should be eliminated. Abortion was hatched as a means of achieving these objectives, and gullible morons fell for the idea that it was all about "choice." Look up Margaret Sanger.


The history of abortion cannot be brief because women have been managing their unwanted pregnancies in this way since time began.


Women have NOT been aborting babies "since time began". It's a modern idea that requires some medical knowledge. People weren't performing other medical procedures since "time began".


Have you used the internet before? It's called Wikipedia.


Maybe Andrew should reread Leroy's rather thoughtful response again. Either he doesn't grasp simple English or he wasted his time in college to doped up to study.



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