Can You Believe that 1 in 3 Women Will Have an Abortion? What Do You Think of that?

Can You Believe that 1 in 3 Women Will Have an Abortion? What Do You Think of that?

Can You Believe that 1 in 3 Women Will Have an Abortion? What Do You Think of that?


I think that stat is way off base. I would see it as a negative and I am pro-choice. That would seem like women using abortion as a form of birth control which for me I find disturbing.


Wow, I am really glad that abortions are still legal. The world is overpopulated enough. It's a really good thing those humans weren't brought into this wretched world only to suffer from parental neglect or abuse!


What? I don't believe that. One-third of the female population having abortions? That's crazy. Out of all of the women I know, only one has had an abortion, and even after 20 years it still haunts her.


That tells me there are a whole lot of religious women in the US who like to pass judgment on others without holding themselves to the same standard.


I think the number is high, but I don't have anything to refute it. I think it is sad because abortion is not a good method of birth control, and if it is for medical reasons then I feel sorry for the women who were trying for a child but failed.


Abortion itself, IMO, shows that people aren't careful enough when having sex, or having too much free sex. This is, of course, bad. However, in the broader sense of social welfare, those abortions are good because if unwanted children come into the world, they will have a higher tendency to become criminals because they don't get the love and facilities other children do. And we don't want that.


Did you know that 73% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


The more the merrier. I think we have more than enough people in the world. I think sterilization may be the ethically superior method, however.


Neither- I see it as women exercising the right to control their own bodies. Or, if you're religious, you might prefer to say they're exercising their "God-given" free will.



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