Can u get pregnant after abortion?

Can u get pregnant after abortion?

Can u get pregnant after abortion?


Yes you can get pregnant after an abortion, multiple abortions might cause issues but I doubt one will However should your friend have a baby with him no,if he is threatening to divorce her if she doesn't produce a baby within a year (Unlikely as it can take a year to fall pregnant even with a healthy couple) then he doesn't love her anyway he likes the idea of a marriage and a child but he doesn't love his wife


Of course you can get pregnant after abortion. I would never WANT to conceive a child with a man who threatens divorce over possible infertility though. The smart thing for your friend to do is to walk away now, BEFORE she is tied to this man by having his child.


Sure you can get pregnant after an abortion. If he is like this, she would be foolish to have a baby just because he is threatening her. She should be thinking very seriously about what kind of man he is.


He's a loser. He is nOt worth the 9 mOnths of stress and pain and I wouldn't want to bring a child in to a unstable relationship. And yes it Is possible to becOme pregers after an abortion duhh u have 2 ovaries and more than one egg that can be fertilized he should blame himself. He probably has a crap sperm count. Thank god lol


I agree with you on the issues with him but the abortion may make things hard. Some women become infertile even after the first abortion while others go on to have many children afterwards. My grandmother had an abortion of her fourth child. It was after that she was unable to have kids after she wanted them. But I know people who have had abortions and go on to have healthy babies later on to. So it just depends on how much teh abortion affects the person. if she finds she's not pregnant in six months she may want to see a doctor to make sure everything is alright and she may need fertility treatments if the abortion messed up her body. (it's one of the main reasons abortions are so dangerous)


The man is an idiot and the woman is a retard if she stays with him


ofcourse she can be pregnent again..just she should rule out the cause of her first abortion so that it does not happen first trimester abortion can be due to various reasons....n she can surely have a baby.


I agree that she should dump this guy.


nope, you can only have one kid. If they are aborted, that is it.



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