Can the baby feel the abortion?

Can the baby feel the abortion?

Can the baby feel the abortion?


The vast majority of abortions happen before twenty (20) weeks. Over 60% happen by nine weeks, only 1% happen after the 20th week. Scientists pretty much agree that fetuses do not feel pain before 24 weeks, and many feel that they can't even feel pain then. Besides that, there is no baby. A baby has been born. So no, the embryo nor the fetus feels pain during the majority of abortions.


It depends. Until a certain point the nerves between the body and the brain aren't completely connected and the spinal cord controls the body. They may react to pain (or any sensation) but they consciously don't feel it. Science estimates fetuses start to consciously feel pain between 20 and 26 or even 29 weeks.


Yes it can it's still a living thing and the ones that do live some how remember how it feels plus they are handicapped


Yes it can


Yes ma'am.


when you get an abortion its not quite alive yet, its still just an embryo


Yes it hurts and kills it.


Of course it can.



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