Can I still get pregnant?

Can I still get pregnant?

Can I still get pregnant?


If your really scared I would go for the morning after pill, if this isn't something your really wanting. Truth is there is a precum... so to speak. Before ejaculation, semen that leaks out and is as viable as the actually ejaculation (just not as many of course, in numbers, but it only takes one to make it). Depending on you cycle time... most women get pregnant between 11 and 14 days after the start day of their last menstral cycle... that's based on a 28 days cycle. There are also other ways of telling about when you are most likely to concieve but you have to really know your body. So I wont go into all that. It's not an exact science of course, but the pull out method is definately not fullproof, sorry wish I could say something positive for you :) but thats pretty much the size of it. Hope this helped some and good luck.


Yes you can. Even if he pulled out before he cummed there is such a thing as precum. You can get pregnant by that to. I would start using a condom, unless you are with the person you love and want a baby.


Yes, you can still get pregnant. Sometimes a bit of swimmers are released before the final release of seminal fluids. I hope that you're not pregnant but that you will be more careful in the future. Getting pregnant isn't the worst thing that can happen to you from having unprotected sex. HIV is a killer.




Yes you can because if precum got inside of you there could be a good chance that you might be pregnant. Why dont you go on birth control? You wouldnt have to worry about it so much. If you miss your period just take a test to see if you are or not. Good luck!!


yes just because he pulled out that doesn't mean anything. there is precum that got inside you because you didn't use a condom. next time be prepared and don't have unprotected sex. or better yet keep your legs closed.


yes - if any sperm (which can be in pre-***) reached the egg you can get pregnant. check out it has all the info you could want on home pregnancy tests, types of tests, when to test, everything! good luck!


Most certainly. Most of the sperm is actually in the pre-ejaculate. So, by the time he's "pulled-out", it's usually too late. This is a terrible method of birth control.


yes its called pre-*** all guys let a lillte something out before they ***.. honey if your not ure of how you can get pregnant maybe you shouldn't be having sex



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