Can i someone give me positive and negative effects of abortion?

Can i someone give me positive and negative effects of abortion?

Can i someone give me positive and negative effects of abortion?


Negative affects could affect the "mothers" mental health like guilt, feeling of failure and regret Positive could be like you said the child's quality of life, again the mother mental state and age etc etc Just to say I had a abortion when I was 19 and I still feel it was the right thing to do as the child would have had no quality of life and I was in no state to have a child plus my boyfriend at the time was violent, so I stand by that decision, but last year I feel pregnant and my boyfriend really didn't want a baby and told me he would not support me and he would leave, which he did but I still went ahead with the pregnancy and it was the right thing to do because I am in a totally different situation now and have loads to offer a child even though I am going it alone, my baby has a good quality of life and I feel very blessed but even as a parent now I still stand by what I decided when I was younger.


Not sure if this helps but I had a D&C at 4 months because I had a Molar Pregnancy and the baby had died at around 9 weeks. I had a midwife that didn't catch that there was something wrong and I had no symptoms. Plus I was gaining weight and my morning sickness was finally gone. After they did the ultrasound and found out that the baby was dead they rushed me in and explained that they were going to insert a miniature vacuum into the Uterus and basically Vacuum out everything. They explained that perforation of the Uterus can happen and that if it did they may have to go as far as doing a hysterectomy. I was terrified but I had no other option. I got through it okay but had terrible cramping and bleeding for over a month. I also passed huge blood clots for a few weeks. It was terrifying. I do have 2 healthy children now. Hope this helps


abortion is always about choice and sure people may say that choice is bad.. but if the mother is a 14 yr old and there parients arnt there to help suppourt it could be the unfortunently *best option. i havnt heard of any medical side affects of getting an abortion but i had a former friend. she had it done she was 16 and she didnt think she could take care of it , a week after she started to feel guilt and she became depressed that she would never see her childs face or its smile this lasted for months before therapy .. hope that helps in the slightest


There are a lot of different facets to your question unfortunately. I wish it were as easy as saying that one is better than the other. There are a lot of reasons to have an abortion. For your essay you could bring in answers like financial, not being ready, genetics, etc. I have a friend who has a lot of health problems associated with her heredity, she doesn't want to have kids and pass those problems on (whether or not the child ended up with those genes, she didn't want to risk it). Another person I know has some mental instability and does not want to pass that on either. Another concern is having a child with birth defects, many people do not want this burden and choose abortion. I'm pro-choice and I just don't want to have kids... I don't think that I should have to have a child that I don't want. I foresee a lot of people complaining about my answer here.... Oh well! Good luck on your essay!


Firslty, don't have an I'm kidding!.... I would say that the negative side is the womans well being & mental health - I know girls who have flamboyantly had abortions, only to later beat themselves up about it & they feel like they have to come to terms with ending their own babies life... The positive is that it gives women choice. It is difficult for me to comment on this as my views have changed over the years...I used to think that if someone aborted, then it was better late than never, that it was a good thing that they weren't *stuck* with a baby they didn't initially want, but I have become more spiritual (not religious) & I now feel that feotuses have spirits like you & I do & to end that for our own selfish needs is wrong. I know that when I was 18, I would have happily had an abortion & not thought twice about it....I also know that if I HAD had an abortion then, I would have HUGE problems with it now.


If you're writing an essay then you need facts not having information is the problem we don't want to know whether it's a life or not ... that's burying your head in the sand .. here's a video i had to make myself watch and after I believe ..that if people don't know they really have no right to an opinion...It will make you cry .. 50 million dead innocent babies is the equivalent to the population of ten average size states in america the population of ohio tenn ky indiana iowa nebraska colorado alabama north carolina and virginia ..imagine someone nuking the entire eastern seaboard ..These are just us stats and only from 1973.after roe vs. wade


As with every kind of medical procedure there are always going to be risk of complications. I don't think there are any strong negative or positives about abortion. It's difficult to answer that. However, it is a lot safer now that it isn't pushed into a back-street surgery.


Positive: You aren't responsible for a child Negative: You're losing a potential child. You could end up with further medical problems or even end up having to have a hysterectomy which means no children ever.


The only positive side of an abortion would be that the child would not have to life a crappy life. That is it. Everything about abortion is negative. I would try to google it to get some no biased answers because especially in the pregnancy section you are going to hit a lot of heart strings. Women who are trying to conceive but can't or those like myself who have miscarried aren't going to have anything nice to say about abortion.



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