Can i have an abortion at 16 weeks?

Can i have an abortion at 16 weeks?

Can i have an abortion at 16 weeks?


Yes, you can. The further along in a pregnancy, the more limited your options are- there are less physicians who provide later abortions, the cost rises, etc., but it is still legal and available, though you may have to travel farther to obtain it than you would for an earlier abortion. Hope that helps. EDIT: @Baby Boy Due in October: " thats a tiny baby in there, not a ball of cells but a real baby who can and will feel pain . . . that is a living baby that will feel the pain of an abortion!" Nope. Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found that nerve endings in the fetal brain aren't developed enough before 24 weeks to signal any pain. Thus, says the College's report, "It can be concluded that the foetus cannot experience pain in any sense prior to this gestation." ( ).


dear Thandie and temporary custody to a family or relatives?(when everything is well you can keep him\her without abortion)or at least give the baby up for OPEN or close adoption(even in an other country if you want to)....cause adoption or custody so life is better than abortion... at 16 weeks your child has his\her heartbeat too :) then there's also open adoption so you can follow your baby growing up :) love and life are sacrifices but they're better than abortion! so please the most important thing is:not abort,then I suggest keeping him\her and you see his\her “THANKS”in his\her smile because you didn’t abort him\her despite your difficulties! then adoption or custody is better than abortion that doesn't let the baby live and hurts you too.


Probably, but it wount be easy since its already a baby. Being pregnant and reading this and just shaking my head. I have friends that cant even have babies and wish they could. My best friend would trash you if you asked her this question. I got pregnant and decided to take the responsibility. If you don't want the baby, give it up for adoption to someone who will be a better parent than you. First trimester embryo is not conscious, which is why people say its "not killing". But it is still alive until the woman gets the abortion. You get pregnant, you've just created a human that has to grow and develop to leave your body. You have an abortion and you are “terminating” the thing inside of you.


I don't believe in abortion at all I am 37weeks and I'm only 17 and having this baby is changed me in such a good way, I don't regret anything. I have support not only from my friends and family but from the father (we are still together) but seriously, abortion is killing a new life, you made that baby and some people out there can't even have children.


Yes you can. We do them up to 24 weeks all the time where I work. Ask your doctor, they will refer you to someone who will do the abortion.


I think they can still do a d and c at that time. But if you have known that you were pregnant for a couple months now and just now decided on a abortion then you will really regret your choice because you waited so long and now probably have a special connection with it that your scared to admit.


I seriously wish u don't have an abortion this is my second pregnancy and the first ended in miscarriage and her I am again miscarrying at 14 weeks bring tears to my eyes now to see the word abortion,plz just consider ur self bless.I wish I cud say the same about ne but its just life.plz don't ave an abortion ok,plz.


Yes you can, but it would be very hard to find a doctor who would do it because its killing a living baby not just a little "pee" the baby would have a heart beat maybe even almost all limbs it's not a smart idea but if your life was at risk a doctor would do it.


They would have to rip your baby apart to get it out. It can feel pain at this stage. They have to crush your precious child's head before removing it too. See what he or she looks like. Also read stories of other women who have killed their babies and regretted it for life. Praying for you.



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