Can I get an abortion at 14 weeks in California? And cost?

Can I get an abortion at 14 weeks in California? And cost?

Can I get an abortion at 14 weeks in California? And cost?


Well, GET A TEST. don't even know if you are pregnant. You can't go off symptoms, only tests. So, GET ONE. Furthermore, IF you are pregnant, you are not getting an abortion for healh reasons - if that were true, you would be involving your parents. You are doing it because you don't want them knowing. Be honest with yourself. As for your health reasons, let me say that the baby is protected inside you so even if you have a car crash and don't experience cramping or bleeding, you are pretty much fine. As for surgery, pregnant women do occasionally get surgery while pregnant and they are fine. If you don't think you can handle labor, they can give a c-section for medical reasons. You would have to ask a dr about drugs and the effect on a baby - you are not a dr or pharmacist and there was a woman on here who was told the medicine she was prescribed was dangerous for her baby. she aborted and then found out it most likely wouldn't have harmed the baby. So, all your reasons pretty much are blown out of the water. Time to be honest with yourself. The first poster was correct. If you were christian, you would not even be thinking about abortion (or having sex). Also, you should know as a christian that at 14 weeks, the baby is developed with every vital organ and all it needs is time to grow. In fact, in as little as 8 weeks from now, it would be possible for your baby to survive outside the womb. If you abort now, you would be killing a baby with a heart, brain, limbs, organs - EVERYTHING. A very small human. Also, at this late in the pregnancy, you are risking your future chance to have children if you go through with getting an abortion. I am sorry, but shame on you.


if your not testing Pos, with a HPT ho do you know your PG, you meds, or the surgery might mess your cycles up.. go to a DR find out if your REALLY pg, and no you cant get a abortion at 20 weeks.. GROSS... you need to grow up and take responsability for your actions, .. if your going to have sex, you need to be tested and get protected, and if your PG and are now 14 weeks along, well your in it for at least 9 mths, then you can keep or adopt out the baby... EDIT: i actualy googled it, the cut off is 12weeks... thats nasty, at 9/10weeks the baby is fully formed and can feel pain and reacts to sitmius... and they just kill it.. i mean all it needs is time to grow


if you don't know if you're pregnant why are you thinking about an abortion? if you've been posting all over the internet, then you've most likely told your friends and your parents will eventually find out. just go to them for help, that's what kids are supposed to do. and when did you have time for sex after brain surgery?


20 weeks is way to late, I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and she looked like a tiny baby, and at my 20 week ultrasound she was a lot bigger and looked really developed. Was a actual baby at that stage. If you are having an abortion please get it ASAP the earlier the better and the more humane. Dont wait for your baby to develop further before doing that! I dont no about cost, In Australia it is free till 12 weeks, and you can do it upto 20 weeks for a serious medical reason. After 20 weeks here the baby is considered a person, and it becomes murder by law. Dont no how it is in California. Just please, if you are doing it, DONT WAIT!!!


Yes, you can get an abortion, but I don't know the cost since you are past 12 weeks. Link below is helpful. Just call a place local to you.


if your a Christian you wouldn't get an abortion. hypocrite.


after 12 weeks it is illegal.



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