Can having an abortion cause anxiety/depression even if the abortion was wanted?

Can having an abortion cause anxiety/depression even if the abortion was wanted?

Can having an abortion cause anxiety/depression even if the abortion was wanted?


I think you are depressed because in a way an abortion was both a mentally and physically detachment to something so close to you. Also , you mentioned that you are not on birth control and only use condoms. You already know birth control is not 100% effective and birth control pills are usually more effective than condoms. If you are not ready for another unexpectant pregnancy then try to remain abstinent until you are ready for a responsibility like that should it arise. I dont think its healthy to live with an abortion in your thoughts forever wondering how things would have been should you have decided to keep your baby.Plus its not healthy either on your body to keep having abortions if you plan to one day do have children. (im not saying your planning on having an abortion again) Im just telling you to think more responsibly since you already went through something this drastic.


First, I am pro-choice. Second, you know you are feeling depressed and anxious. Get professional help before those feelings grow, multiply and spill over into what sounds like healthy, supportive relationships. A therapist (not a counselor or social worker or a pro-life activist) will help you uncover the source of the depression that could have been triggered by your pregnancy, biology or other stressors. Call your local Community Mental Health service or the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Good Luck, be Healthy!


It's possible that being pregnant and then having the abortion messed with your hormones, yeah. Maybe on a subconcious level all the horrible criticism from pro-lifers is giving you anxiety because you know that there area big group of people out there ready to call you all sorts of names and give you all sorts of ugly lectures if they hear about what your decision? Maybe you should talk to a therapist about what you're feeling. Hope you feel better soon.


It could be from the hormonal changes in your body...going from being pregnant to not being pregnant. I would consult your OB/Gyn, if you don't get help there, could be you are feeling guilty or 'bad' about it without really realizing it. Maybe a few counseling sessions would help you. Even if you wanted the abortion, it is still an event that can cause conflicting emotions.


Yes! It is very possible, and susprisingly very common among women to be depressed/anxious after an abortion. It can be caused by many reasons, but (not to preach, I am not judging), but deep down you may feel guilty. You may be having secong thoughts or regrets. It may be subcouncious and you may not know exactly why or how you have to be having these feelings. Truth is, see a doctor and get a professional opinion.


Anything and everything can cause anxiety. It happens to everybody for unique reasons. You just have to remember that you made the right choice because even if you are sure of that consciously, subconsciously you might not be. And I am pro-choice =] Good luck feeling better.


Yes, it can. You form a bond with the fetus even if it's not wanted later on. When it's gone, your body grieves the loss. If you haven't told your doctor about this, tell him now or perhaps tell the clinic where the abortion took place. They've likely seen this before and they'll know where to refer you.



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