Can Europe afford more abortions ?

Can Europe afford more abortions ?

Can Europe afford more abortions ?


No government can force people to have babies, and neither can they force people not to have them. If anything, the answer to this lies in cutting such high levels of immigrations, not irrational islamophobia. Don't you worry your little head about it- European civilization will be just fine (:


Here's how we save Europe. Ban Abortions Stop immigration. Kick out or sterilize the remaining non-Europeans. This is our only chance for survival.


It's unethical and immoral to force women to have or not to have babies. Germany did that one time- it was done by "Der Fuhrer."




Has the price for an Abortion gone up or something?



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How could someone force her to get an abortion if she didn't want one? Maybe you can google "Abortion support forum" and something may come up.