Can dogs have miscarriages?

Can dogs have miscarriages?

Can dogs have miscarriages?


yes they can and do. just like in humans (and as far as i know all other mammals) if early in the pregnancy the fetuses will be re-absorbed if near the end the pups will be still born but keep in contact with a vet through out the gestation period and if you have any worries phone a vet immediately.


Of course they can. It can be caused by anything. Sickness, food poisoning, hit by a car, mother being to young. Thats only a few of the things that can kill the unborn pups. And what i mean by food poisoning is like eating something that she definatly shouldnt eat. Like chocolate for example.


Definitely. But they need emergency medical attention as soon as that happens.


they sure can. all animals can



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