Can a 16 year girl ask for abortion in india?

Can a 16 year girl ask for abortion in india?

Can a 16 year girl ask for abortion in india?


Abortion is completely legal in India for women 18 years old and older- however, girls under the age of 18 need to have the permission of at least one of their parents before they can legally have the procedure. If you need an abortion and currently live in India, my best advice is to call a local women's health clinic. This website lists all of the Marie Stopes abortion clinics/women's health centers in India: I hope that helped. Best of luck with everything.


I would assume it'd depend on the circumstances in which she would need to request an abortion, as well as her and her parents religious views and opinions. But I hope the 16 year old is not wanting an abortion as a form of birth control. Any 16 year old shouldn't be having sex if they can't handle the consequences. Plus, there are several other methods of birth control such as the birth control pill, patch, or shot. Along with Nuva Rings and an IUD, as well as several barrier methods and condoms (both male and female condoms) of course. I have no idea what would be offered in India for a female to have access to, but I would strongly suggest that you find out. But abortions are not birth control. They should only be done if the pregnancy is endangering the life of the child and/or mother such as if one or the other or both may die, or in cases of rape and/or incest. But that's just my opinion & I'm not trying to shove it down your throat or anything. Good luck!


no idea about the rules of abortion in India. In some countries it is legal. Just don't do sex if you can't handle the responsibility that goes with it.


how much will these pills cost??


use a condom



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