Brown Discharge... Abortion and Chlamydia ?

Brown Discharge... Abortion and Chlamydia ?

Brown Discharge... Abortion and Chlamydia ?


To those judging this woman please stop. She did not ask a serious question to be called names and have moral judgment calls made. You haven't walked a day in her shoes so worry about yourselves. You need to make an appointment and see a doctor or health practitioner ASAP. Only a professional can tell you what's going on. Also for future reference you may want to check with a planned parenthood or other clinic if you are uninsured and need help paying for birth control.


you need to return to the doctor asap , and start using condoms AIDS is real baby, listen i am 35/f , and it saddens me to see so many young women allowing a man to abuse their body, you only get 1 vagina so you need to take care of it,you can get alot of pleasure from it but if you're not careful it can be the death of you, i 've never had an orgasm that was worth dying for plz protect yourself.



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