Boyfriend wants me to get an abortion??????

Boyfriend wants me to get an abortion??????

Boyfriend wants me to get an abortion??????


he is going to leave your ***. move on, it might suck, but this guy is not going to be there for you or your baby, the thing is, you have your whole life ahead of you, unless you dont have big plans for yourself the have the baby. i do understand where your comming from though. keep the baby, unless you want to get out and do something after highschool. leave the dude either way


your too young you have no clue what you are in for.



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Medicines or methods for abortion?
An unorthodox suggestion . . . . Provoke a period when you are due, it can even work if you are a bit late. You can do this by using Vitamin C. Take 12 grams of ascorbic acid - Vitamin C a day until bleeding commences. Specifically use ascorbic acid. Do not use vitamin C with bioflaviniods...

Abortion if you are under 16?
Teen Abortion Laws in the U.S. Abortion - Wikipedia Alaska The Law: Currently, you do not need parent permission to have an abortion. However, there is a law which requires girls younger than 17 to get permission...

Why aren't major news orgs covering the Philly abortion clinic horror story?
You do realize that you just quoted a major news organization covering the story, right? It's been all over the news....even though it happened years ago. http://www...

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To answer people here, abortion, alongside of contraceptive and birth control pills, enabled women to emancipate themselves from the burden of what we would have called their gender "necessities." From the moment that, politically, birth becomes a genuine choice, you enter into a different...

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Medical Abortion (Abortion by pill) The medical abortion is a non-surgical option available to women who are no more than eight weeks into the pregnancy (dating from the first day of the last normal menstrual period). It is a safe and effective method of ending pregnancy using a combination...