Blood tests before an abortion....?

Blood tests before an abortion....?

Blood tests before an abortion....?


Well the beat thing to do is to talk to the doc, maybe there is another way of doing the test


you are fearing a blood test but you going to put your baby threw dealth. you selfish B****



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I have never had an abortion before but from what I know about abortions hear they do a ultra sound and ask you if you want to go through with the abortion (assume they ask this, kind of obvious eh?) Then either rebook a date for it or if you are having it then they knock you out and do the...

How long is the recovery period after taking an abortion pill?
I can't beleive you are asking that how long it will take to kill your child.It hurts me even though I dont even know you.I have no idea girl.

Fact Based Arguements on Abortion...?
You are killing something inside of you-its dangerous. Also there is a lot of emotional drama such as regretting the decision and going into depression. Immediate risks include hemorrhage, uterine perforation, complications with anesthesia and embolism. One of the most common side-effects from...

Chances of having a succesfull pregnancy after 2 misscarriages and 1 abortion?
well your right shes in no condition mentally or physically to have a kid. i know someone who had an abortion as a teen and a miscarrige later in their very early twenties. she is now pregnant and in her second trimester. in the clear for a miscarrige now. and everything seems to be going perfect...

What is Post-Birth Abortion?
Here is the way I understand it in a nutshell: Late-term abortion (or partial-birth abortion as some call it) is performed in order to preserve the health and life of the mother, or for severe deformities of the fetus that aren't compatible with life. Apparently (because we don't really hear...