Blood clots after an abortion?

Blood clots after an abortion?

Blood clots after an abortion?


I am so sorry for all you've been through. Yes, I think the others are right- you need to get some medical advice to be on the safe side. There should be another number you can call if your own doc is not available when you ring. Small clots like the size of a grape are normal after an abortion, but really large clots, around the size of an orange would be a danger sign. And bleeding should stay the same or get lighter, never heavier. But you really do need to get the medical advice on this, and don't worry about asking for it. That's what they're there for. This is a web page that will tell you about after care and danger signs to look out for. But once again, you should contact a doctor anyway, even if you feel what you have is normal -- don't take any chances with our health. All the best, and I hope you'll be feeling much better soon.


Get a cab and get your ssa to the emergency ward. It seems as if you are sorry for every one even the ambulance more than your self. Are you crease. By the way, where is the baby's father or fathers? Did you get pregnant on your own? How many opinions did you get about the baby that you & the Doctor had kill / mured ? The child may comes back to let you know you should not kills him. You should get at leas three opinions before you kill the child. I have seen & herd doctors tell many people not to do some thing and they go to another doctor and get a different advice & the second one was correct so you should get @ leas three other medical opinion. I can think of one of my sister who a doctor had tooled her many many yrs. ago when she have her first child that she should not have another child because she will be a dead woman & 10/11 yrs. later she have a another child who is now a doctor 2 yrs. later she have another one, a business man 1/2 yr. later she have another one who is a female chemist The second one she is the DOCTOR so doctors not all of them I believed in @ all so you should have a few more advices before you did what you had did.


I was going to give you an answer from personal experience but decided against it... why don't you call the ER and see what they say? I had blood clots not even related to pregnancy or abortion and it was recommended that I go to the ER the next time. I would say, be on the safe side and at least call professional help.


If you live in the uk then phone NHS 24 on:08454242424 they will give you proper advice and decide weather you need to go into hospital or not.


Some hospitals have an advice nurse. I think you should try that to get accurate information.


Look up your phone book for "nurse on call" or something. Maybe look up a few websites to see if it's normal (don't just rely on one). Ring you mum, your sister, your friend.



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