Birth control a form of abortion?

Birth control a form of abortion?

Birth control a form of abortion?


No. Abortion is when a sperm has been conceived and then surgically expired. Taking the pill is a prevention of pregnancy, unwanted. See this is where i think the Catholic church contradicts themselves. They are helbent in being wed before having a baby but yet against the pill to prevent a baby before marriage???? Anyway, no i don't thik it is a form of abortion and the day i go to the chemist for the pill and they refuse because they think just that, there will be one hell of a fight! I don't think it's anyone's right not even the catholic church to say a woman can or can not take the pill just because it is based on ones persons beliefs - is a bunch of bull!


No, birth control is not abortion. The Catholic Church disapproves of Birth control as it frowns on sex for anything other than procreation which preventing conception would make sex for something other than creation.


The Catholic church believes in the ancient idea that only God can determine when a new life is to be created, and therefore do not allow ant kind of birth control. Howver, they have made a science out of the "rhythm method" I understand that most Catholic women ignore the vatican's edict.


no it is not a form of abbortion it prevents pregnancy but it doesnt kill the fetus (unless it was meant to happen in the first place) if youre pregnant it can cause abnormalities but you normally find out youre pregnant before it does any damage the catholic church probably disapproves of it because obviously if youre on birth control then for the most part you are sexually active and that is against the church unless youre married.


No, it's not. It prevents pregnancy. The original reason for the Catholic Church being against birth control was it wanted to be sure to make as many Catholics as possible. This political power edict became their religious law.


No. An abortion is to terminate the pregnancy and birth control is to prevent it. you cant abort something that isn't there, you just prevent it from happening. About Catholics not approving birth control, i don't know, maybe they think you are inturpting natures way, Gods way....not catholic


No, it is not abortion. You can't abort something that isn't there and birth control pills keep anything from being there. I thought though that the Catholic Church had changed it's mind on that little rule??


that is ridiculous for anyone to think that! Birth Control is a way of preventing a woman getting pregnant so that she doesn't have to get an abortion. And if it were a form of abortion, the same would be true for comdoms, diaphrams, or any other form of protection!


The more catholics that are born the stronger their following... this was how it was in the old days and sort of remains as an old "rule" today. Catholics also see sex as a way to procreate and that's IT! You only do it when you wanna baby and not any other time. My first boyfriend was catholic and explained this all to me, but he was who i lost my virginity with LOL so he obviously didn't listen.. and yes we used a condom.



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