Bill Maher Donation to Super PAC?

Bill Maher Donation to Super PAC?

Bill Maher Donation to Super PAC?


And how can Obama reject money that never went to him? Super PACs are not connected or controlled by a politician. Remember Republicans this is what you wanted in having your Supreme Court lackies pass Citizens United, and those on the left tried to warn you what would happen. So quit your whining now.


Maher donated to a super PAC, not to Obama. If your alleging that no foul mouthed republican has donated to the GOP or their affiliated super Pacs, you'll need to provide evidence of this claim.


One appropriate C name for Sarah as opposed to two days of lies and slander from Rush No comparison Rush wins the biggest jerk of the year award


you are not important and neither is what you want. limpbaugh called fluke a "prostitute" (which is slander) then during his "aplogy" he blamed the liberals for making him "drop down to their level". conservatives are hypocrites and "el rushboob" is lower then the whale crap at the bottom of the ocean.


All is well in politics and love. You learn to be kind and generous whenever necessary and appropriate.


The donation being accepted by Obama indicates to me that he condones Bill Mahers' comments.


And he's a self-described Socialist. This gets dirtier and dirtier.


yet millions of corporation money is donated to Republican PACs and not a sound...but the second a comedian donates, OUTRAGE! does this answer your question?


No he should give another million



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