Barack oboma abortion letter?

Barack oboma abortion letter?

Barack oboma abortion letter?


Abortion shouldn't be illegal. If your teacher is telling you that then he or she shouldn't be teaching. Tell your principal, and if your principal refuses to fire him or her than take the issue to your superintendent and then the mayor. There is no valid reason reason why abortion should be legal. It is murder, period. And in case you don't understand, it is murder. The abomination that is the 1973 Roe v Wade case is about nothing else other than a false interpretation of a woman's privacy. The precedent was set a few years prior in 1965 with a case that dealt with a woman's privacy concerning contraception. Roe v Wade followed that lead concerning privacy. It is a highly irresponsible argument that exemplifies the selfishness of some women- giving 100% priority to their precious privacy but 0 to the LIFE of the child. If I took a gun and murdered my family- by their argument if the police broke in it would be invading my privacy. This is the adsurdedness of this argument. And don't fall to Give Me Liberty's ignorant and dangerous rhetoric. His argument in his blog is that another newborn baby into this World adds to the food and money shortage and therefore causes increased death. Therefore women should rip their baby's body apart at will. This argument not only an immoral position that promotes murder, but is exemplifies the absurdedness that he accuses the pro life movement of having. Plus, it is a white flag position- for he is advocating a position of not even attempting to find a way for EVERYONE to live. There are charities such as ABC Ministry , and SOS Children's Villages that help unwanted babies in third world countries and help them to find loving homes. As well as Lifecall who do the same within the United States. All these charities need is more funding/donations and they can save more lives. Then more people born into the World won't further impact the lives of the living. So I recommend your letter to President Obama include the ignorance of your teacher- as well as to promote awareness of the charities that can save lives both nationally and globally. If President Obama has any integrity he'd promote awareness of these charities and support their funding.


Making abortion illegal would mean that there still would be abortions, illegal ones, done by people who aren't qualified. Women will try to do their own abortions with coat hangers and knitting needles. That's how it was when abortion was illegal before, and many women died from botched abortions. That's one reason it's legal now. But perhaps the best argument is the question of when life begins. Most reasonable people would say a nine-month fetus, ready to be born, viable outside the mother's body, is a human being. But most of those same reasonable people wouldn't say a single-celled zygote, a fertilized egg, is a human being. The question then is: where between these two extremes does life begin? To say it begins when the egg is fertilized is arbitrary and artificial. It is not biblical, it is not technical, it is POLITICAL. Someone made that decision to create an issue for the 1980 presidential election, to drive a stake in the ground for Fundamentalist Christians to rally around to get Ronald Reagan elected. Before that, the pro-life movement was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. We know that about half of all fertilized eggs do not implant on the uterine wall and begin to grow. The are flushed out of the woman's body with her next period. This is sometimes called 'spontaneous abortion'. Now why would God abort half of all 'babies'? Finally there is the privacy argument, which is the basis of the Roe v. Wade decision. A woman has a right to do as she please with her own body. It's nobody's business but her own. If you can ban all abortions just by law, you can ban tattoos and piercings, ban circumcision or make it mandatory, stuff like that. The govt. shouldn't have control over our bodies.


abortion should be legal because it is about as old as prostitution and, without legal and professional abortions, it will only go back to being a privilege of the rich (who can afford to keep it private) while the rest go back to using rusty hangers in back alleys. i should know because, as you can see, i am a back alley abortion. both me and my mom were killed because she lived in poverty in a sh!tty world that she did not want to bring me into, because she knew that if she didn't kill me while i was still a tadpole, the fascist would send me off to die in a war in 18 years. the rusty hanger was meant for me, but it killed her too. a doctor would have done it the right way. [all of this is historical fact] [roe v wade was based on privacy laws] [women must be liberated from men and from men's governments]


Wow, the topic should be the other way around, abortion should be illegal because it's murder.. what a horrible teacher... I would complain to the head of the school..


If a pregnent mother gets in a car accident, and the mom and the unborn baby are killed, the person that hit their car could be charged with double hommicide, so the babys considered a person there, so its murder!


It isn't illegal - but it should be and women who subject their unborn to be murdered should be sterilized unless it happened because of rape or incest.


It's not illegal. Your teacher must be a moron if that is truly your project. Do your research somewhere other than Y Answers.


Honey, it only takes one word: MURDER. And what the hell? Why are teachers brainwashing students into left wing views?



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