Atheists, why do you support abortion when its killing the black community?

Atheists, why do you support abortion when its killing the black community?

Atheists, why do you support abortion when its killing the black community?


Abortion is never supported. It is not supported even by atheists. Atheists support the CHOICE. The point of view of an atheist is that every woman is free do decide on her own body, like any other person, and to establish whether she wants to make a human being come to life or not. The reasons to let a woman decide of her body are obvious: insufficient economic possibilities, health reasons for herself, health reasons for the child (do you know that some people as born live in pain for years because of malformations making their 7 year esitmated life atrocious? Who is a woman to decide that a person have to suffer that much? Is your God so merciful to be willing a person to live in that conditions for years?) Do you have any idea of the fact that society can not be ruled on the basis of an unproved entity such as GOD? Do you want to establish public rules according to which a person is forced to bear even hazarding their own life? If life is a value, why isn't the life of that woman worth-living? The phenomenon of abortions that you have mentioned has nothing to do with the free choice of a woman. A rational thinking person, therefore an atheist, believes that abortion should be performed within certain medical limits, not indiscriminately. A woman is also supposed to know what it's best for her and her prospective child so you should ask yourself WHY so many abortions have been performed, whether there is any particular social hardiship the government should fix, not WHY atheists "support" abortion.


"A black baby is three times more likely to be aborted as a white baby." Have you considered the fact that there are many more such candidates, per capita, than among other groups? "80 percent of abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. About 13 percent of American women are black, but they receive over 35 percent of the abortions." The supply is where the demand is. Perhaps if single black women stopped getting pregnant so often, there wouldn't be so many aborions or clinics in their neighborhoods.


So what? If more black babies are being aborted, it is because their parents are choosing to abort them. All indication is that in general, parents (of whatever ethnicity) having the option of abortion is a good thing for society, cutting down on serious issues like crime and overpopulation. Even if one ethnic group is gradually being eliminated, this is still merely a side effect, incidental to everything else that is going on. Sustaining a permanent population of people with a certain skin color should NOT be considered a goal in itself, there is nothing inherently good or bad about it. Considering it as a goal only distracts us from the real problems we collectively face, in a world where enough people are being distracted already.


I don't see how the black population is declining. For every black child aborted, I think there are probably 5 more born. I work in conjunction with 4 surrounding counties to help families get on their feet. I've noticed black families have averaged 4-8 children (not all from the same parents) Given what I have seen in my field, I'm going to take a guess that the reproduction rate is higher than the abortion/death rate.


Abortion is a choice. Simply because more African American women choose to have abortions, it's not a racist thing. Would you prefer that those unwanted children live on without the proper care a child needs and grow up to be one of those violent criminals you yourself mentioned before?


A great many African-American women obviously need to use effective modern contraceptive techniques, freely available btw to those who cannot afford them, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Using abortion as birth control is grotesquely irresponsible. Then, all those abortions wouldn't be happening. However, the African-American birthrate would not rise. The African-American birthrate is still higher than that of white Americans.


It's not. Birth rates and pregnancy rates are higher among black women too, not just abortion rates. Abortion rates are more tied to socio-economic level than to race. I wouldn't expect the pro-life propaganda mill to tell the whole story, of course. Lies are the standard fare of propagandists. Black women much more likely that women of other races to have an unintended birth: No one is forcing black women to abort. You act like someone is out there forcing black women into clinics at gunpoint.


And this is relevant to atheism how ? This country is full of xian hypocrite zombies ... atheists are a minority. What Im getting from your senseless babble. Is that if xians really want to help balance things out they'll start getting more abortions. Also xianity is rampant among the AA ( black ) community. So those are you cultists fellow cultists ... Why should atheists be expected to talk sense into them ? We've been trying to talk sense into you cult zombies for quite awhile ... You never listen to facts/reason ... science etc. So as an atheist ... there's really nothing I can be expected to do about this societal/cultural problem. Why dont you white xian cultists reach out to the black churches of the cult and have them start preaching about the evils of abortion to their flocks ? Have the black shepherds of the cult ... start telling the black cultists. That they'll go to hell if they dont stop having abortions ? Ahhh more fear mongering for jesus ... just what xianity needs so badly.


Are those actual stats? Well, the impression that black males are more likely to 'put it about' and have a lesser regard to to the responsibilities of parenthood, would be supported by these statistics. For your information, atheists are no more likely to support abortion than your average 'believer'! And THAT is a statistic!



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