At what week of pregnancy can you no longer get an abortion?

At what week of pregnancy can you no longer get an abortion?

At what week of pregnancy can you no longer get an abortion?


Please don't get an abortion just because SHE wants you to. You will regret it if you don't make the decision yourself, hands down! How old are you? Would you be able to financially, emotionally, mentally take care of the child? Will the father be involved? Have you thought about an open or closed adoption? There is A LOT to think about before making your decision. My advice to you would be to call a Planned Parenthood near you and talk to someone in confidence about your position, they can give you the pros and cons. They won't tell your mom about anything you've spoken about unless you are in danger (if your under 18 yrs old). They can also give you the facts about how many weeks you have to be under in order to get an abortion either pill or surgical. I think its 9 or 10 weeks for the pill and up to 13 weeks for the surgical without sedation. Good luck to you and your baby!


It is illegal to force anybody to get an abortion. If your mom takes you to a clinic, tell everybody that you do not want an abortion. Everybody. Refuse any form of examination and just keep saying that you don't want an abortion. If you can swing it, get a supportive adult to help you with your mom.


Its different in different areas where i'm from, abortion clinics wont go past 20 weeks gestation. Some will go later, some wont even go that far. Check out the abortion clinic sites from where your from. but most will do them at 10 weeks still... Without your consent however, they LEGALLY cant give you an abortion, wether your mother wants you to get one or not.



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