Arguments for abortions?

Arguments for abortions?

Arguments for abortions?


Your body,your choice.What if you were 13 years old and you were raped and had no means of raising the child?Get an abortion,it's fair on both the children.Plus,a fetus is not able to function like a human until a few weeks until birth up until that point all it is,is a mass of cells nothing more and nothing less.Yes,those clump of cells have potential to become a beautiful human being but it's not one yet so it wouldn't care if it was 'hurt and murdered' (as some may put it)The fetus cannot even feel,hear,see,smell or taste anything,it is NOT a human.Of course abortions are totally right and fair and anybody that disagrees clearly has NOT been in a difficult situation where an abortion IS THE ONLY option.What if you have a gene that will kill the baby after it's born when it can feel pain or cause it pain?Hmm?I only disagree with abortion if you have tried to get pregnant and then backed out at the last moment,that is wrong otherwise,where is the issue?I have so many more points to back up abortion but it's going to make this too long to read.


Yes. The woman being allowed to decide what goes on inside HER body instead of someone else. Until the 20th week, a fetus is entirely dependent on the mother and her nutrients, so it should be her right to decide if she wants to keep it growing inside of her or not.


It is a moral, not legal decision. Until a baby is able to live on its own outside the womb, whether or not it is a "person" is debatable on a LEGAL level. The problem is that you can not pinpoint the exact date when the baby is able to survive on its own, so it has to be up to each pregnant woman. On a moral level, there is a lot more to debate. However, we're talking about legalities. I do NOT want my government dictating my morals. .


Being raped, being under the age of consent, being unable to support yourself-let alone another human being, health reasons, multiple births, aids, extensive drug use during the first trimester.


Yes its your body and you can do whatever you want with it, but thats the babys body you are killing not yours, the child should be able to do what they want with THEIR body but you take that opportunity away from them. It is not the childs fault you were uncareful. there are a lot of free birth controls to avoid the problem.


like...for them to be legal? there's plenty. if you cannot find them, you fail at life and probably should have been aborted yourself.


If I make a drunken bad decision at 3am in a strip club, I shouldn't be forced to suffer for that for the rest of my life. That's not fair to me.


If it's for school you should do something else. Too many professors are sick and tired of ready about that topic!! But if you insist..... cons- could lead to unwanted baby [which could end of in death of baby anyway] -they feel pain -they are live human beings pros- can't thank of any!


Why would you be for abortion? how would you like to be aborted- walk a mile in their shoes.



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