Are there emotional attachment issues involved in abortions?

Are there emotional attachment issues involved in abortions?

Are there emotional attachment issues involved in abortions?


It's different for every woman who faces this decision. For some, it will cetainly be about emotional attachment to the fetus, particularly if the woman in question feels as though she might have made a different decision but was forced by circumstances to abort. In other cases, it's more about a guilty feeling associated with a belief system whereby termination is considered 'wrong', and for others it may be as simple as not having been 100% certain of the decision. For yet others, issues can arise based on hormonal changes that occur during and after a pregnancy, which is perfectly normal too. There's no easy answer to this question.


It depends on the woman and her reasons for aborting, i suppose. And yes, further along in the pregnancy i expect there would be more attachment too.


Most women who have an abortion report experiencing relief. However, that said, in many cases, the fetus was WANTED but due to circumstances, now was not a time to have a baby due to one of many reasons.


Yes... she can be emotionally attached becuase the mom is thinking on how things are gonna be afterwards....



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