Are there any free abortion clinics in the Boston area?

Are there any free abortion clinics in the Boston area?

Are there any free abortion clinics in the Boston area?


If you find a free clinic, chances are it's not very reputable. The 'best' abortion clinics usually can do is a sliding scale payment option, basically the poorer you are, the cheaper it MIGHT be. The only people I know of who have gotten "free" abortions are women who it was medically needed for (yes, there are genuine reasons some women can not legitimately continue pregnancy) or some women/girls that were/are either very poor, young , socioeconomically challenged etc. In fact, some women are able to get doctors to write them phoney abortion referrals citing an untrue medical concern, just to get them for free. I know two occasions when this has happened locally. Stick with Planned Parenthood. I've never had an abortion, but I wouldn't risk medical procedures with dodgy clinics and doctors either.


You do realize you are in the section with people trying to get pregnant? And as far as I know abortions are not free and they shouldn't be. Because if they are than that means its tax payers money and I don't like the idea of my money funding people so they can kill there unborn children. Just have the baby and give it up for adoption if you don't want or can't care for it. But of course i don't know the full situation. the only time i agree if its a tubal pregnancy or other pregnancy in which the mother will surely die. other wise its cruel and horrible. And i hate seeing these questions. Not only can it harm your chances for ever conceiving but it kills a baby. And YES it is a baby. it has a heart beat by around 7 weeks old. When they go to paralyze that baby before they scramble it up and suck it out the baby MOVES AWAY has been known to move away from the needle. It just breaks me heart.


i dont think abortions from anyplace are free..they usually cost $200-$1000 for the procedure you should call them for some more info


WRONG PLACE TO POST THIS QUESTION.....but god bless ...and i hope u ease up before u go to sleep cuz its a lot to think about.....oh and congrats on ur pregnancy by the way.



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