Are there any abortion providers that help subsidize the cost?

Are there any abortion providers that help subsidize the cost?

Are there any abortion providers that help subsidize the cost?


In UK abortions are free, which I guess it kinda wrong as I would never have an abortion and it is open freely to anyone with an unwanted pregnancy. However, I am not against abortion or all for it, I lost a baby due to miscarriage and I didn't even want it, but it hurt when I knew it had gone. I suggest you guys tell your parents and they might be able to give you the money for the abortion, OR they may head you in the right direction of either giving the baby to a loving family who will want it more than anything or you guys may change your mind when the baby is born. Please think very carefully before you consider abortion though, you never know how it will effect you either after it has happened or in the future. I hope you guys make the right decision for yous in the end.


u should first consult a doctor to confirm her pregnancy or use a pregnancy test it is low cost.then we can think of a abortion maybe ur wife have just missed a period and not actuallly pregnant.period may miss due to many reasons stress,medication first confirm pregnancy.if u r pregnant donnot worry.if i was u i will have never sister was having a serious disease and doctors said to abort it bcoz it will have abnormality but she took the courage to give birth to the baby the baby was perfectly all right.god is there.believe in him.if u r pregnant god will give the finance to provide good food and shelter.belive in god and donnot abort.if her situation is very serious u can abort but i donnot support it.think of people who does not have a baby.god gave u the power to produce baby thank him and take a rigth decision


If you can't even afford the abortion procedure there is always's free and when you choose a family they typically pay for the medical costs. I had an abortion and it was a huge, HUGE regret. I was about 10 weeks and it was ultrasound guided. The baby was literally trying to get away from it. It still haunts me and I will never recommend an abortion to anyone again.


kayy, my friend had one and she said that it was the most painful thing of her life, and she bled nonstop for about 3 weeks, then she kept bleeding for about 6 more months. and she said she really regrets it and she is contemplating suicide b/c she is just so messed up from the abortion. my aunt tried to have a baby for 5 years, then finally a teen who got pregnant unplanned gave her baby up for adoption and now her life is complete, please give some people what they have dreamed their whole lives for, and what they cannot have. just think about it. i'm saying this b/c i don't want that to be you, don't do it, a lot of people have been known to commit suicide after having an abortion, please. i'm not talking about how bad it is, but you have options. adoption is really the best option, you don't have to support the baby, and usually the adoptive parents WILL PAY for your hospital bill and any thing regarding the baby etc. think that baby might me the person who invents a cure for cancer, or patches up the hole in the ozone layer. you never know what that child might do with their life, give it the opportunity it deserves :) and if you were on bc responsibly and used a condom the likelihood of getting pregnant is super super low, like 1%


I recall reading if you go to Planned Parenthood and prove your financial circumstances, you can get an abortion for about $100. Also, please note some insurance carriers cover abortions. Please check yours if you have it. Some places will give you a discount if you don't have insurance. I understand it's not easy paying $450 out of pocket when you're broke.


Maybe she should do a pregnancy test first to confirm she is indeed pregnant. And no I don't believe there's any organizations out there to assist with abortion costs. Perhaps you should of thought of this when you were having unprotected intercourse. To think you want someone else to pay to kill your unborn


Adopt its free. The adoption parents will most likely cover the medical expenses as well. The dollar store has condoms too, be smart.


You should have bought condoms when you had the chance. What an awful choice.


So not only are you attempting the cheap way out, but you want them to pay you for you to kill your child?



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