Are post-viability abortions immoral? Yes or no.?

Are post-viability abortions immoral? Yes or no.?

Are post-viability abortions immoral? Yes or no.?


Depends on if continuing the pregnancy would endanger the mother. It is more immoral, in my opinion, to allow two lives to end (both mother and baby) than to have to sacrifice one to save the other. Of course, if it is at all possible to induce an early labour and attempt to save the child, by all means, do. In most cases, post-viability abortions are immoral. But morality is not always black-and-white.


Doesn't matter, they are illegal in the US unless the mother's life and health are at significant risk. What's 'moral' is protecting the mother's life at all costs, and it would be immoral to allow both mother and child to die during delivery..



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