Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?

Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?

Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?


Since IP jacked mah link, I'll just add a "ditto" for:




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What does Abortion mean to you? ?
Abortion is HORRIBLE! I mean seriously to kill a living thing that is so tiny that won't EVER get a chance a life is just... UGH WORDS cannot describe my hate for abortion! Its just sickening that people use it as birth control. How would you like it if right when you were so little maybe the...

Problem in Conceiving after Abortion? killed your first baby because you weren't wise enough to use birth control. Now you obviously still haven't learned about birth control...or you wouldn't be worrying whether or not you would have to murder another child of yours. I really hope your wife never conceives again...

Abortion pill at planned parenthood?
PLEASE DON'T DO IT!! IT IS MURDER, before doing it, put in the google search bar: "abortion images", and see what it's happening in abortion clinics, also see this video: Please, give your baby on adoption, it's better than tearing him apart, Don't...

What are some political issues with the current abortion laws?
It depends on your perspective. If you are pro-choice, here are the biggest: Laws in several states that undermine a woman's right to choose with red tape and too many regulations State laws that require doctors to "provide information" that is unproven and has no basis in medical fact (for...

Topics to write about, Pro-Choice.?
My argument when asked why I'm pro-choice is good ole separation of church and state. When the pilgrims came over, it was to get away from an oppressive government that tried to control their religion. When writing the constitution they decided that they wanted a separation of church and state...