Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?

Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?

Are any good Abortion forums or help online ?


Since IP jacked mah link, I'll just add a "ditto" for:




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Christians - if the Democratic party changed their stance on abortion......?
It is very likely that the day I vote for a Democrat for President, Senator or Congresscritter will be the day you can use your snow skis in hell. However, I'd have to agree with your position. The Democratic party still has other positions on moral issues that would be somewhat distasteful...

Christians, Do you find yourself praying for materialistic items more than?
No I pray as the Lord leads me to pray. When I pray in the Spirit in tongues the Holy Spirit is praying for all kinds of things He does not always tell me for whom or what. I just pray till I get joy.

Shouldn't the cons who rail against welfare just pass out vouchers for free early-term abortions?
That's the funniest thing about lots of conservative pro-lifers. They are anti-abortion mostly, under any circumstances, so you figure that they be for adoption under any circumstances. Yet they also work to keep gays from getting married and adopting. And they also have spent hundreds of millions...

Please Need info on abortion pill?
All states require you to have at least one doctors visit and a pelvic exam before being given/prescribed a medical abortion (pill) . There were 2 states that had allowed it briefly via Skype video chat with doctor ,but those have since been banned. I've heard that the bleeding and pain is...

Abortion verses the death penalty?
The main difference between the unborn being killed and criminals being killed is opportunity. Criminals by nature have been allowed to interact with society and make choices. These criminals have chosen to take advantage of society (that is why they are criminals). In the case of the unborn...