Are abortions going to be free in texas?

Are abortions going to be free in texas?

Are abortions going to be free in texas?


Why should they be? No. This is just the first step in making them illegal altogether.



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Do vinger work for home abortion?
Home abortions are a great way to kill yourself...and if you die then you won't have to worry about the pregnancy... ...but if you don't want to die, skip the home attempts. Please learn English. It should be: "Does vinegar work for a home abortion?"

Do Democrats believe in abortion?
Don't be misled my troubled child, that's like saying all white men have small penises and all black men like basketball.I am part of the democratic party and I don't believe in abortion.I believe in change!

I need a good abortion article?
For or against luv? Try you tube. try those luv. Hope it helps Cheers.

Does your menstrual cycle return after abortion?
When a woman is pregnant two things can happen. One, she can miscarry which is really called a spontaneous abortion. or two, she can have a surgical or what is called in induced abortion. Both things produce the exact same results. The pregnancy has been terminated. The body must heal the same...

Are abortion clinics open on saturday and sunday in Toronto?
seeing how you were so rude to answerer 1, the reason she said why are you asking us is because in the pregnancy section we have baby's NOT kill them DuH....