Anyone seen The Hard Truth video about abortion?

Anyone seen The Hard Truth video about abortion?

Anyone seen The Hard Truth video about abortion?


"Brand new Mommy" Not ALL people get abortions because they don't want/love there child. Some people pretty much have zero choice. And i can tell you when you are put in a medical position severe enough, you would not know how you'd feel. The hurt after having to give up a baby, because your body was not capable enough to let her/or yourself live is unbearable, and i think all people who are "pro-life" should think of the people in such circumstances, you have no idea how much it hurts someone like myself who had to let there baby go without any control over the situation, when you say the things you do. You try making a nursery, buying everything you will ever need, having a baby shower, then get told its all over and that the doctors are "sorry" but you have to do the most unthinkable thing in the world. People never recover from that. I hate people that have them because "they don't want the child" everyone does. but its no need to hurt others who have been through such traumatic experiences. so spare a thought next time that not all people who have abortions, want abortions.


I havent seen it but i'm 100% pro life and always will be. I dont need to see a graphic video to know that an unborn baby is still a human being with a right to life. Abortion is the most horrible form of murder, in my opinion, because there is no motive to kill, the victim has never done anything wrong, has never had a chance to live, and is killed by his own mother just because she doesnt want him. Abortion is horrible!!


i have and its sad,



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