Anyone have success stories for using Wild Yam as birth control?

Anyone have success stories for using Wild Yam as birth control?

Anyone have success stories for using Wild Yam as birth control?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Anyone have success stories for using Wild Yam as birth control? First off, If anyone doesn't like natural products and love being chemically manipulated then please go away I don't want to hear your negativity toward the idea of using something DIFFERENT than what the rest of the world uses. Go along your way, don't think just do.. good day.. Ok so for those...


Seriously, careful rhythm is quitte usefulfor me but more to your point is that I wonder if you could keep a succcessful bc sercret?? Why wouldn: t gals rave nd geet out the word. Mayby ??? In this case no news is not good news. If you know wild yams are safe for you and the baby. You could just and try let us all know. I hope it works!!! Buttvplease talk to your doc or rnp or midwife to know how and when in your cycle you stop the pill. Many ob-guns share your concern and will talk seriously about options ans safety. If your doc won't then look around for a modern well*educated gal who wants informed patients and moms. And if they are side effects or temporary messtrual cycle canges when ya stop. Havre a beautifulchild. Youvare already a great mom


i have been using wild yam as a contraceptive for years and have not been pregnant once another good way of preventing pregnancy i have heard from several native Americans is to rub sand alot on your mans penis before sex



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